SICA College

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Why choose Commerce subjects.

“Determination , Dedication and
Devotion” is our motto,

“Positive, Pragmatic and

Productive is our approach,
Come and Study at SICA College for
a lucrative future in Commerce,
And nurture yourself into a
successful Educator,
Chartered Accountant, Banker,C.S,
Manager or Entrepreneur !

“If you work with determination and
with perfection, success will follow”
– Dhirubhai Ambani

” परिश्रम वह चाबी है, जो किस्मत का दरवाजा खोल देती है” – चाणक्य

ऎसे सीखो की तुम हमेश| के लीए जीने व|ले हो॰

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