SICA College

( Aegis: SICA Educational Trust )

Treasurer trustee message

SICA fosters whole person learning and student success through innovative thinking and dynamic programs we focus on all aspects of a student personal growth and educational experience. We commit to develop a vibrant campus culture that values diversity, integrity, leadership, respect and community. These values transcend our individual roles and departmental functions and unify us as an institution.

Education is a continuous and creative process. It releases latent capacities, develops analytical abilities, self-confidence, will power, goal setting, competencies and instills the vision the will enable one to become a self-motivating agent of social change in serving the best interests of the community. We hope this aim of education will continue to occupy due importance in our lives and our college will succeed in realizing these goals of education.

We wish success to you and hope that professors with their dedication and commitment and the student with their zeal will achieve new heights and be worthy persons of whom India and the world can take pride.

Treasurer Trustee

SICA Educational Trust